The Role of the Consumer in NetFlowCoin’s Ecosystem

The architecture of NetFlowCoin is centered around the decentralized and distributed provision of key network resources. With the global networking capabilities of SDN technology, idle resources from edge servers and IDCs are integrated into the NetFlowCoin platform. This enables NFC users to enjoy low-cost, unmediated decentralized infrastructure network services with unique advantages.

NetFlowCoin’s “cloud plus edge” capability provides a boost to consumers in need, enabling a high degree of provisioning, flexibility, and reliability of shared resources across the network to meet the storage, bandwidth, and computing power demands of its users. The blockchain layer gives producers and consumers the means to get what they need on the edge network with NFC tokens.

Explore what users can do on NetFlowCoin with its decentralized infrastructure as a service offering. Whether it’s for the tokens or for the network, nodes on NFC have a vast number of ways to create value and contribute to the ecosystem.

Decentralized IaaS Features

NetFlowCoin is dedicated to off-site networking, remote office, secure transmission, data sharing, private communications, live streaming; IoT, edge computing, cloud-side storage, and more on its dApp marketplace. Future application cases include:

  • Data assets: data asset storage, trading, IP rights
  • IoT: Smart home, IoT, Telematics
  • Communication: Agile networking, security, messaging
  • Edge computing: edge computing, edge-cloud collaboration, big data, AI
  • Payments: token purchase of products/services
  • Standard blockchain applications: distributed bookkeeping, exchange, Defi applications


Global Free Networking

NetFlowCoin can create “private lines” between nodes. Once the connection is made, no matter where they are, they can access the network resources of other edge server nodes at any time, solving the problem of cross-territory/operator networking.

Global Free Networking Case

Network Resource Sharing

Users can use NetFlowCoin Edge Servers to remotely access resources on the Edge Server’s network. Edge server users can also link to their home server’s Internet, anytime anywhere. Network resource sharing gives edge server users the ability to take their home or office on the road.

Network Resource Sharing Case

EN Data Sharing

Data resources stored in NetFlowCoin edge servers can be securely shared with friends, family, and colleagues.

Data access is transmitted by an end-to-end encrypted direct connection. Authorized users have flexible and secure access to the files stored on the physical edge server. Users can be at ease knowing that the EN data sharing capabilities on NetFlowCoin completely avoids the risk of data leaks by third-parties.

  • Isolate each user space on NetFlowCoin edge server nodes to protect privacy
  • Only data in the common space is accessible to all users
  • Capable of sharing large files at much lower costs than mainstream cloud alternatives 

Bandwidth Sharing & Acceleration

Users with NAS devices (Root Nodes/Central Nodes/Edge Nodes) contribute free bandwidth resources to provide edge data forwarding capability for other EN nodes, partners (e.g., CDN, media streaming), IOTs, etc. The network resources of edge nodes distributed around the world can all be organically integrated and utilized on the NFC platform.

Bandwidth Sharing & Acceleration Case

Normally, all nodes in the NetFlowCoin network use DLT technology to communicate directly. When DLT cannot be established, the optimal path is intelligently selected to ensure accurate, reliable and fast transmission of data from both sides of the communication with the relay capability of RN/CN/EN support.

Distributed Edge Storage

EN nodes can provide unused storage space to other NFC users. Even if the hard disk of an EN is damaged or lost, it can be recovered from sliced storage in other nodes on the NFC network.

Distributed edge storage has multiple features:

  • Slice storage: Store files in slices or on multiple EN devices, then extract and consolidate the slices according to rules when needed:
  • Multi-backup storage: data is stored in different EN devices in slices or in full
  • Encrypted storage: All slices or backups are stored in an encrypted way, so that storage providers can be protected and unauthorized parties cannot obtain the backup data

Cloud-Side Computing Image

The cloud-side computing image method is used to provide the service of encrypting and image the EN storage into the “cloud” to ensure the high availability and security of EN data. Meanwhile the slow connection problem of some ENs caused by the network is solved by image.

  • Cloud data image
  • Edge data image
  • Data slicing image
  • Computing power image

Community Operation

Weline Circle is a new economic ecosystem built on SDN technology, aiming to securely connect producers and consumers who share the same interests.

Available on the app store, Weline manages the paid sharing of personal digital IP, and promotes the flow of data between supply and demand, removing the middleman. With nearly 3 million users, Weline’s SDN app gives producers complete control over the value they produce.

Weline Circle is completely distributed, created and operated by community managers. Unlike mainstream centralized applications, anyone outside of the designated Weline “circle” cannot interact or view transactions.

Consider: The Weline Circle ecology is a series of borderless businesses operating around the world. Each business or community is housed within its own mall, each with its own departments.

The community owner manages the mall, its policies and operations. Producers can be invited to start their own shop, or apply to create one in the specific mall of choice (running on its own edge server). Consumers can purchase content while browsing the mall they’ve been granted access into. Weline’s SDN technology is the infrastructure responsible for the operation.

How to Join NetFlowCoin

  1. Download the WeLine application and register your account (available on both Google Play and iOS App Store).
  2. *Purchase 1x personal server.
  3. Download and install the Blube Wallet, and register the wallet address
  4. Complete the binding of the wallet NFC address with the WeLine account and the personal server SN.
  5. Top up NFCS, or buy NFC tokens to convert into NFCS.

*For users interested in becoming a node with a NFC platform-integrated NAS device, visit

Note: For detailed operation, please refer to the mining guide.

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