Sailing Race

Ready to test our mainnet?

Registeration for our Sailing Race has now ended

If you were selected

We must make sure you’re well geared up to join the Sailing Race testnet

Competition preperation

Please refer to the following block node requirements to prepare your hardware and software environment in advance so that you can join the network as soon as the competition starts.

Hardware requirements






4 cores / 8 threads, or more 2.0GHz, or faster

32GB, or more

300GB, or larger

Not strictly necessary at this time

Internet speed at least 100Mbit/s symmetric

Centos 7, or later
Ubuntu 20, or later

3.0 Running block node

3.1 Node runtime environment preparation

3.1.1 Compilation tool installation


tar -xvf go1.17.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

mv go /usr/local

ln -s /usr/local/go/bin/go /usr/bin/go

yum install -y git build-essential

3.1.2 Get NetFlowCoin node code

mkdir -p /data/workspace

cd /data/workspace

git clone –resource

3.1.3 Compile NetFlowCoin node code

cd /data/workspace/go-netflowcoin

make all

3.2 Runtime environment preparation

3.2.1 Update system language

vi /etc/default/locale



locale-gen -en_US:en

3.2.2 Update system

yum upgrade -y

yum update -y

3.2.3 Update time synchronization

yum -y install chrony

systemctl start chronyd

3.3 Node deployment

mkdir -p /data/sdvn

cp -R /data/workspace/go-netflowcoin/build/bin /data/sdvn/

cp -R /data/workspace/go-netflowcoin/build/data /data/sdvn/

3.3.1 Generate NetFlowCoin address


cd /data/sdvn/

./bin/sdvn account new

2. Generate a keystore file in the /root/.sdvn/keystore/ directory after entering the password

3. Move the file to the /data/sdvn/data/keystore directory


mv /root/.sdvn/keystore/* /data/sdvn/data/keystore/

5. Generate password.txt file


echo “钱包密码” > /data/sdvn/data/password.txt

3.3.2 Modify node configuration


cd /data/sdvn/

./bin/sdvn –config data/sdvn.toml console

2. 复制enode值,退出控制台,exit

3. Modify the configuration file and fill in the enode value

cd /data/sdvn/data

vi sdvn.toml

BootstrapNodes = [""] # , Fill the enode value obtained above in parentheses and connected with the @ symbol, and the id form is as follows: "enode://jisng56u02fb11e8d7b259eff4e546614b59c23564d4417728e2fb3e17f6694999f94e77a67cd2573fc1e06d05fbd4676c3aad1e8b7c0c3d53de83c3cf14jins5@"

3.3.3 Start the node

nohup /data/sdvn/bin/sdvn –config /data/sdvn/data/sdvn.toml –allow-insecure-unlock –unlock ‘钱包地址’ –password /data/sdvn/data/password.txt –mine &

4.0 Node staking

It needs to staking 36 NFC tokens to become a witness node.

Without staking, the witness node cannot participate in the election and obtain the right to block.

You can follow the guide on NetFlowCoin browser to complete the staking operation (please make sure your browser has installed a web wallet that supports NetFlowCoin).

4.1 Install web wallet


and follow the instructions to download and install the wallet.

4.2 Create an account

1. Click on BlubeMask

2. Choose to create an address or import an address on the NetFlowCoin network. As the isomorphic chain of Ethereum, you can directly use the address of Ethereum on NetFlowCoin.

Please use the Ethereum address you filled in to access the NetFlowCoin network.

4.3 Node staking

1. Open the official browser of NetFlowCoin

2. Click on "My", select the wallet address you want to staking on the BlubeMask that pops up, and click "Next"> "Connect" to complete the connection between the wallet and the browser.

3. Click "Node Management", click "Node Pledge"

4. Click "Pledge", click "Confirm" on BlubeMask, and wait for the transaction to complete.

5. After the staking is successful, the staking record can be viewed, and the staking record can also be viewed in "My"> "Node Management".

4.4 Binding revenue address

1. Click on "My"

2. Choose "Node Management"

3. Select "Bind Revenue Address" in the record

4. Click on "Bind" to complete the binding of "Revenue Address", and then the token rewards of node block will be sent to this address.

The current wallet address defaults to "Revenue Address". If you need to modify it, you can enter BlubeMask to replace the connected address.

4.5 exit staking

1. Click on "My"

2. Choose "Node Management"

3. Select "Exit the Pledge" in the staking record

4.Click "Confirm", after the transaction is completed, you can withdraw from the staking and get back the pledged 36 NFC tokens.

The node will lose the opportunity to become a witness node after exiting staking.

5. In "Node Management"> "Exit Node", you can view the exit record.