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Looking at 2020, the Internet has been developed for more than 30 years. Due to political and economic benefits, it has formed, is forming, and is taking shape between countries, regions and network operators. Various gaps and barriers are being created, which will seriously hinder the development of the Internet; with the evolution and iteration of new technologies such as 3G, 4G, 5G, AWS, iCloud, and Facebook have emerged, which are very important to thousands of individuals. The data released by the company to the cloud center is processed and utilized, forming a monopoly, and uses these dominant positions to get involved in traditional fields, forming a larger new monopoly. The goal of NetFlowCoin is to break all kinds of network divides and barriers, remove the cloud center’s monopoly on information resources, return the Internet to the original spirit of free and equal information sharing, and allow information providers and information producers to realize the value of digital economy!

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NetFlowCoin creates a fairer, freer flow of data value. Users have a secure built-in guarantee that funds will transfer only if you provide content that you agree to, and no third party will profit from it.


NetFlowCoin is a free network based on value, not economics, and users can use NetFlowCoin apps without providing personal information.


Decentralization makes NetFlowCoin impossible for any organization to control NetFlowCoin , and no one can prevent users from using NetFlowCoin services.


Because of NetFlowCoin’s scalability and efficient smart contracts, a variety of applications can be deployed.


Because of NetFlowCoin’s scalability and efficient smart contracts, a variety of applications can be deployed.


NetFlowCoin's Development Team

The NetFlowCoin project technology team focuses on research and practice of technologies such as the underlying Internet, software-defined virtual networks, and edge computing, with more than 20 years of global networking experience. Team members are passionate and dreamy about the Internet, innovative and up to the challenge


The Netflowcoin (Singapore) foundation Ltd. was established in 2019 and is the operator of NetFlowCoin. NetFlowCoin is committed to changing the existing centralized Internet architecture model, to providing simple and fast remote access and interconnection solutions for enterprises, small businesses, individuals, families, and IoT.