NFC Roadmap Announcement

Dear NetFlowCoin users,

Thank you for your continued support of the NetFlowCoin Project. NetFlowCoin has reached 845599 blocks and cumulative traffic of 30 petabytes.
After careful consideration, and in the interest of ensuring a successful mainnet launch, we are officially postponing the original mainnet launch date of July 18, 2021, to Q4 2021.
The NetFlowCoin Project will use this time to ramp up stress tests, address security vulnerabilities, and refine network security. We hope you will join us alongside the NetFlowCoin community and infrastructure providers (wallets, nodes, bridges, etc.) in our efforts to make the NetFlowCoin network mainnet 1.0 launch as secure as possible. Below is an updated project roadmap detailing what to expect for the rest of the year:

We are sincerely grateful for the NetFlowCoin community’s continued support. We look forward to realizing the NetFlowCoin Value Network.


NetFlowCoin (Singapore) Foundation
July 13, 2021