NetFlowCoin’s early miners can now convert their testnet tokens into NFCs

The long-awaited testnet token conversion announcement is finally here, users who participated in the early testing of NetFlowCoin’s testnet can now convert the tokens they mined into NetFlowCoin’s official coins. This will enable the miners to store, stake, or sell, their NFC coins ready for future purchases or investment gains.


The date has been set for the 23rd of September  2022 and will last for 30 days ending on the 23rd of October 2022.

How to convert the testnet tokens?

The testnet tokens will be converted via the  dedicated to the conversion of NetFlowCoin’s tokens. Every participant will be required to submit a request (via this website) after which the NetFlowCoin team will review and approve/reject based on the submission.


Every submission will enter a reviewing process that can last up to 7 days, so patience is kindly requested. Only the tokens that were mined from the testnet by the miners will be converted into NFC’s mainnet coins.


After the reviewal process, each submission will then receive NetFlowCoin coins immediately over the mainnet. The conversion between the token to coins will be a 1:1 ratio.


For any further questions please refer to the conversion guide or submit a message request via the NetFlowCoin website here.

Download the NetFlowCoin conversion guide

Download our step-by-step guide on how to convert your NetFlowCoin testnet tokens into NetFlowCoin mainnet coins.

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