NetFlowCoin Testnet
Phase II Launched

Dear NetFlowCoin’s Testnet Users

We are really appreciated for your contributions to the NetFlowCoin network and community, it’s our great privilege. The responsibilities on us would also be greater. As time went by, the phase 1 of the NetFlowCoin testnet has been running steadily for a month since it went online on December 16, 2020, and the goals of which have been successfully achieved.

According to the Roadmap, the NetFlowCoin testnet will enter the phase 2 at 0:00 on January 16th, Eastern Time in North America (13:00 on January 16th, Beijing time). The test objectives are as follow:

  • Encryption Economic Structure

  • Protocol Security

  • DPoS Consensus Agreement (Would be available after phase 2 is online)

When the phase 2 is launched, there are more available functions on browser and NFC wallet to meet customers’ needs, data query on the chain and digital asset management. At the same time, the exchange ratio between traffic and token will also increase from 30 GB / Token to 40 GB / Token.

For now, all testnet customers have successfully show your abilities in traffic contribution. If you have any suggestions for our project, please don’t hesitate to submit your comments at, or you can send your feedback on the official media account of NetFlowCoin.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the NetFlowCoin project. It’s our privileges to work with you to build an efficient, decentralized and strong foundation for humanity information value network.

Netflowcoin (Singapore) foundation Ltd.

January 15th 2021