NetFlowCoin Test Network
Upgrade Test User Activity


Dear NetFlowCoin Test Network Users:

Hello everyone!

The NetFlowCoin test network was launched on December 16th 2020 and received strong support from the community and users in just five days. More than 50TB of contribution traffic has been collected so far, and each participating user has received a corresponding contribution reward. After collecting and observing the data on the chain, we make the following notifications and incentive activities:

First, test the first upgrade notification of the main network

From the perspective of the entire project roadmap, the first objective of the first phase of our test network (Ver 0.1 0) has been achieved.

In order to improve the service capacity of the test network, after careful consideration, has now decided to upgrade the test main network for the first time at 05:30 on December 21th 2020, with an estimated upgrade time of 5 hours. During this time, services on all main networks are suspended (browsers and wallets will not be able to get the data on the chain properly).

After the test mainnet completes the upgrade, it will reset the existing block and the first objective of the first phase of the test network (Ver 0.11) will turned on: benchmark and performance testing.

Second, test user motivation activities

Upon completion of the first upgrade of the test master network, we will unlock all test users’ rewards within these 5 days and issue them to the user’s address (free circulation) as a thank you and incentive to participants in the initial phase.

Note: Subsequent traffic contribution rewards will still be implemented under established locking and unlocking rules after the test master network upgrade is complete.

Thank you again to the community and every user for their support of the NetFlowCoin project.

Every small step in netFlowCoin’s testing network will be a big step in creating a distributed value network for human society.

Netflowcoin (Singapore) foundation Ltd.

December 21th 2020