NetFlowCoin: How does it compare to all others?

There are numerous crypto and blockchain projects on the market today, seemingly all attempting to solve a specific problem within their respective spaces, although, there are multiple projects who have a “I just want to join in” mentality, leading their projects to have no technological edge.


Web 3.0 can only be described as an evolutionary stage of the current internet architecture, whereby, projects are restructuring the way we interact and communicate online, with similarities to that of what we see in today’s current internet architecture.


Although there are multiple projects today, the majority of them seem to be missing the point of what the industry is about. It is great to have numerous layer two applications deployed and accessible, but, the foundational layer to support a web 3.0 architecture still seems to be lagging behind. This is where NetFlowCoin comes in.


Unlocking the world of decentralized/distributed communication

If we think about the internet today, it is comprised of a lot of data and information stored in central locations, and a protocol that enables us, the users, to access that stored information. This is ultimately all web 2.0 is, and we are now moving toward a decentralized/distributed architecture, whereby all this data and information is stored across multiple locations, controlled by no single entity, but instead the vast majority of people.


However, unlike the web 2.0 architecture, there isn’t any foundational layered technology that is able to offer a similar experience to what we use today. Yes, we can look toward projects such as FileCoin’s IPFS protocol, but even still that technology has large amounts of limitations and can only offer decentralized storage. Whereas, NetFlowCoin’s network has no limitations on storage capacity and offers a wide range of unique features such as streaming, sharing, and communicating.


The NetFlowCoin network acts as an almost replicated version of the current internet architecture, but is instead, designed for complete peer-to-peer communications. Meaning, that NetFlowCoin’s technology is vastly more powerful, sustainable, and reliable to be the foundational layer that can support the entire web 3.0 expansion.


Many people are unaware on how the internet actually works, but, we all agree that the internet is comprised of multiple layers, by which, there’s a foundational layer, this is the core of an internet’s infrastructure that enables data to be transferred, then there is the storage element, that enables information and data to be hosted, and finally there’s an applicational layer that enables us to interact with the internet.


NetFlowCoin is the infrastructure and the storage aspect of web 3.0’s internet framework. Something that the rest of the industry has been unsuccessful in developing. The vision of NetFlowCoin is to become the underlying technology that will support the entire industry.