Lenovo and NetFlowCoin join forces to build a new web 3.0 mining device

NetFlowCoin Enables Lenovo’s Own Decentralized Resource Network with Platform-Integrated NAS Drives

The decentralized Internet application platform, NetFlowCoin, has successfully integrated SDN capabilities into the Lenovo X1 and T2 Pro NAS models. Globally renowned as a leading manufacturer of smart devices, Lenovo provides consumers with hundreds of millions of PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones per year.

The two Lenovo NAS units are NetFlowCoin platform-integrated, giving owners of the drive access to expanded mining capabilities on the decentralized NetFlowCoin ecosystem.

Lenovo’s NFC-Powered NAS Drives

Enabling the Lenovo X1 and T2 Pro NAS drives with SDN-powered software gives consumers easy access to NFC. With the software pre-installed, users can register and connect to NetFlowCoin’s network.

With SDN-enabled NAS drives, users can safely and quickly access the data stored in their X1/T2 Pro anytime, anywhere to ensure data privacy and transmission security. This comes in addition to:

  • Mass storage
  • Remote access
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Privacy and security
  • Multi-person sharing
  • Intelligent management

For more information on Lenovo’s NFC-compatible NAS drives, visit NetFlowCoin.io.

Conquer the New Network, Enabled by NetFlowCoin

The relationship between Lenovo and NetFlowCoin is just one example of how established firms can take advantage of NFC technology. SDN capabilities provide users with access to a global network of edge servers located around the world.

SDN technology allows partner brands to build their own unique and decentralized resource network housed within the NFC ecosystem.

Whether it is a NAS storage network for Smart Home Security Camera streams or a CDN, NetFlowCoin’s network is secure, inexpensive, and highly efficient compared to the centralized mainstream alternatives.

As more users join the NFC x Partner NAS network and enroll in the mining program, the NAS network grows with it. No matter the application, a larger NAS network bolsters its reach and potential (at a much lower cost than Cloudflare).

Consider: Building and accessing the power of 1 million NFC nodes connected across the world, over limited and expensive alternatives from centralized CDN service providers.

The Perks of NFC Mining

Unlike most blockchains, the NFC dual consensus mechanism provides users with multiple methods to mine NFC tokens. Now, Lenovo NAS users can link to the NFC and rent, sell, or contribute their idle storage space and bandwidth in exchange for NFC.

In NetFlowCoin, using the network is mining. Whether it’s a normal user, node owner, or service provider, there is value to be had. Some of NFC’s mining advantages include:

  • Everyone can participate: Unlike the intensive mining of BTC, ETH, FIL, where ordinary users can hardly mine any rewards without joining the mining pool. NFC adopts the PoVF mechanism, where anyone can participate and earn. With a personal server, any user can mine NFC by providing network services such as bandwidth or storage.
  • Use-and-use mining: While users enjoy various data privacy storage, sharing, and global access to local resources provided by personal servers, they only need the server to have upstream traffic to obtain NFC traffic mining rewards, allowing mining to truly integrate as a part of our daily digital life
  • Landable application mining that solves real needs: It is not mining for mining (such as BTC, ETH, or even CHIA), or mining without real business (such as BTC or Dogecoin). NFC mining is related to real applications The combination of scenarios has stronger applicability and versatility, and truly solves user pain points

For more information on NFC’s dual consensus mechanism, visit the NFC overview, or White Paper.

Lenovo’s SDN-powered NAS Drives

Series: X1 series
Processor: Intel Celeron N4120
RAM: 4GB DDR4+ extended 4GB memory module
Flash Memory: 16GB eMMC
Hard Disk Bit: Five drive bays
Hard disk type: SATA 3.0 interface, 3.5-inch hard disk/2.5-inch hard disk

Series: T1 Series
Processor: Intel Gemini Lake N4020
Flash Memory: 8GB eMMC
Hard Disk Bit: Dual hard drive
Hard disk type: SATA 3.0 interface, 3.5-inch hard disk/2.5-inch hard disk