Welcome to NetFlowCoin, creating a distributed value network for human society.

Welcome to NetFlowCoin, creating a distributed value network for human society.
In the past, we are honored to receive your support and affection.
Netflowcoin is committed to working with the community to find more and newer decentralized market opportunities.

Now, in order to enrich the NetFlowCoin community, we are launching a one-month content competition.

Time: 2021.9.28–2021.10.28

Total rewards:1000NFC


Step 1: Follow@NetFlowCoin_io,join https://t.me/NetFlowCoinCommunity

Step 2: Create a video/emoji sticker/image of NetFlowCoin

Step 3: Tweet your works and tag@NetFlowCoin_io

Step 4: Post on any social media platform, make the post public, and fill out the form using the post link:Google Forms

Evaluation criteria:

Quality of content

Presentation methods and video/picture quality

Community interaction (total views/likes/shares)

Participation Rules:

Content must be NetFlowCoin focused

The title must contain the following topic tag: # NetFlowCoin

Please do not submit the same content twice, the same content will only be awarded once.

Prize structure:

NetFlowCoin will select the Top winners based on content and community interaction and offer the following prizes:

Video category:

first place:200 NFC

Second place: 150 NFC

Third place: 100 NFC

Photo category:

№1.: 100 NFC

№2-№3: 50NFC

Meme categories:

1–5NFC per sticker

Total bonus pool: 300NFC

In addition, NetFlowCoin will invite the most promising participants to become our NetFlowCoin community ambassadors.

About NetFlowCoin

The goal of NetFlowCoin is to build a brand new global network communication service and application service platform jointly built and shared by producers/consumers by integrating SDN/SDVN and blockchain technology. It provides direct, simple, low cost, high performance basic communication services and various value-added service markets for service providers and consumers, such as enterprises and individuals.
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📍 Website: https://www.netflowcoin.io/
🕊️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetFlowCoin_io
📰 Telegram: https://t.me/NetFlowCoinCommunity