NetFlowCoin: Beyond our imaginations

When we look toward the future of the internet, we imagine a world interconnected with one another, without the need for centralized intermediaries that is entirely governed and run by the people. 


Numerous individuals who are in the blockchain, and crypto space, are somewhat blinded by what the technology can truly offer. It’s not to say that decentralized finance (de-fi) is an interesting adaptation of how the current internet can be utilized, but it’s only a small aspect of where the industry is heading.


When we consider everything that’s been discussed over the last few years, it’s become clear that web 3.0 can offer a haven for individuals to store and share their data at will. This very basic concept, however complex to build, is the underlying basis of unlocking the next digital age of mankind’s evolution. 


How the future internet will look using blockchain technology

To achieve a web 3.0 architecture, one that fulfills all the speculative comments currently circulating the industry, we’ll need to place NetFlowCoin’s, or a similar network, at the center of this new internet. By doing so, users will have the freedom to store any and all data about them across an interconnected internet that’s only accessible by that one individual. 


If we dive deeper into this concept that all of our data will one day be owned and controlled by us, we can begin doing extraordinary things. This new internet architecture will affect almost every industry, as, data collection and storing will no longer be a burden but rather a desire due to users taking back complete ownership and enabling their livelihoods to be streamed in return for more mature, customized services. 


For example, if we created a world that was full of different types of sensory systems, and the software within these sensors is designed to recognize every individual no matter where they are, and all the data gathered about this individual will automatically be stored onto their personalized blockchains, then, in theory, we can design applications and algorithms to determine ways to make each individual’s life more convenient.


A system that can utilize, monitor, and predict a person’s daily habits could be used to create a world without boundaries, a world that completely alleviates menial day-to-day tasks such as calling a car, not knowing what to eat, news updates, etc… this could all become automatic as the system will be able to read and analyze a person’s data in a way that knows exactly what the individual needs. 


Of course, we are far from making this idea a reality; however, the foundation for this world to be built upon is on its way, and NetFlowCoin is one of the only networks across the globe that has the potential to make this concept a reality. Time will tell, but the underlying message is that the technology behind cryptocurrencies is more than it seems and will propel us into the future that will one day be powered by NetFlowCoin.