Mining NFC

Simple setup process

Mining like never before

SDVN + blockchain
There are various ways for you to get involved and mine NetFlowCoin. As part of the network, you will receive as much as you put into the network.

Types of mining

Traffic Mining

Obtain rewards by generating traffic flow and providing services (including storage, video, network forwarding, etc.) on the NetFlowCoin ecosystem. Any device can easily integrate itself onto our platform.

Block Generation

Become a witness node and generate blocks on the NetFlowCoin network. As numerous transactions take place every second (up to 100K TPS).

Mine using the best tech


Expand your NetFlowCoin mining capabilities using platform-integrated products from Lenovo, Izzbie, and more

NAS Device in Pink

Lenovo X1

Using SDVN technology, you can safely and quickly access the data stored in X1 anytime, anywhere to ensure data privacy and transmission security.

– Global access and use anytime, anywhere!
– Mass storage
– Remote access
– Simple and easy to use
– Privacy and security
– Multi-person sharing
– Intelligent management

Egreat's Mining device for file & bandwidth storage

EGreat A15

H.265/HEVC true 4K hardware decoding, smooth decoding of higher bit streams up to 200Mbps.

– 1000M adaptive wired network, 2.4G/5G 802.11b/g/n/ac 2T2R extremely fast wireless network, LAN playback is smooth and not stuck
– Dual-band dual-channel WiFi and 4.0 Bluetooth, HDMI 2.0 audio and video separated output
– HDR Image Enhancement

Lenovo T2 NAS Device Image PNG

Lenovo T2 Pro

Using SDVN technology, secure and fast access to data stored in X1 Pro anytime, anywhere, to ensure data privacy and transmission security. Global access, use, any time and anywhere!

– Your personal and family data center
– Global remote access, enjoy the connection
– Small size, large capacity
– Support dual-bay hard drives, built-in silent fan combined with efficient heat dissipation structure, making the device more stable.

GS King NAS Storage Device PNG

GS-King X

The GT King Pro, comes with the latest iteration of the high-end Android box – the GS-King X enters the stage, sporting a plethora of features that make it a must-have for anyone looking for a premium multimedia experience.

– Android TV Box & NAS
– Storage
– Storage and expansion options
– Exquisite design & super chip. Android 9.0 and Coreelec dual system, free SD card with Coreelec system.
– Multiple ports and accessories
– Reliable Lifetime Service

Izzbie One

Izzbie ONE works like a portal to your home or office network, only you are the one who has the key to it. Simply plug it into your home router through an ethernet cable, and you have instant access to your home network anytime and from anywhere using a mobile device or computer.

– Easy To Share
– Circumvent Geolocation Restrictions
– Private Communication


How tokens will be distributed

The NFC token economic model is designed to put mining rewards front and center.
Miners earn 70% of the total NFC token supply for building the Open Web by providing node resources.

Founding Team: 5%

Investors: 10%

Bandwidth Mining Rewards: 10%

Project Team: 15%

Traffic Mining Rewards: 55%

Block Mining Rewards: 5%

Graphic of crypto distribution


For any quieres regarding mining into NetFlowCoin, feel free to email us