Mining NFC

Simple setup process

Mining like never before

SDVN + blockchain
There are various ways for you to get involved and mine NetFlowCoin. As part of the network, you will receive as much as you put into the network.

Types of mining

Traffic Mining

Obtain rewards by generating traffic flow and providing services (including storage, video, network forwarding, etc.) on the NetFlowCoin ecosystem. Any device can easily integrate itself onto our platform.

Block Generation

Become a witness node and generate blocks on the NetFlowCoin network. As numerous transactions take place every second (up to 1,500 TPS).


How tokens will be distributed

The NFC token economic model is designed to put mining rewards front and center.
Miners earn 70% of the total NFC token supply for building the Open Web by providing node resources.

Founding Team: 5%

Investors: 10%

Bandwidth Mining Rewards: 10%

Project Team: 15%

Traffic Mining Rewards: 55%

Block Mining Rewards: 5%

Graphic of crypto distribution


For any queries regarding mining into NetFlowCoin, feel free to contact us