Build the New Distributed Frontier: NetFlowCoin Welcomes Developers to Platform

NetFlowCoin is a decentralized Internet application platform made to reward developers in the ecosystem. Help build distributed applications on the unexplored, decentralized open web.

The NetFlowCoin Project utilizes blockchain as a data transaction, security, and incentive layer in tandem with its Software Defined Network. The SDN is deployed across countless nodes consisting of powerful computing capabilities closer to the network’s core and edge nodes local to every user.

The proliferation of devices capable of becoming NFC Edge Nodes such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs, and workplace servers means NetFlowCoin can tap into an endless pool of networking and storage resources globally. Some key global networking capabilities of NFC include:

  • Adaptable: A fast-growing ecosystem of tools, applications, integrations and providers for all types of cases 
  • Made to Scale: Powerful and active distributed edge network with millions of edge nodes enabled via SDN
  • Military-Grade Encryption: The foundation of SDN + Blockchain technology means a secure communications platform with profit potential
  • Superb Performance: Super high processing power designed for large-scale use
  • Innovative Consensus: Efficient consensus for network-wide participation
  • Open and easy to operate: Designed to be developer and user friendly

Distributed Application Layer

NetFlowCoin’s platform allows for a fully decentralized distributed application marketplace. Presently, NFC’s blockchain serves three primary purposes:

  1. Record all traffic, storage, and data on the SDN network. Making all data traceable on the chain.
  2. Tokens incentivize the contribution to the stable operation of the system, and expansion of the business landscape.
  3. Compatibility with smart contracts and Solidity

NetFlowCoin supports smart contracts on Ethereum, as well as the smart contract programming language Solidity.

The NFC application layer provides developers with various open source interfaces. Developers are a cornerstone of NetFlowCoin’s decentralized marketplace. NFC provides diversified open source interfaces for developers to create new dApps in the decentralized app store.

The NetFlowCoin platform can host an infinite number of application scenarios for users on the application layer, such as:

  • Network resource sharing (idle bandwidth sharing, or acceleration) dApp
  • EN data sharing dApp
  • DEX
  • Decentralized video streaming network/platform
  • Decentralized data trading platform
  • NRC20 token
  • NFT
  • IOT platform
  • KYC/CIS/Identity Verification
  • Decentralized MMORPG
  • NFC Lottery dApp

Use Case Example: Instant Messaging dAPP

Distributed IM on NFC means the realization of decentralized, real-time messaging. Centralized instant messaging is well-known for its risk of leaks and privacy invasion.

In NetFlowCoin’s distributed IM, the conversation has end-to-end encryption. Personal identifiers and message contents are stored locally on the end-user. Enabling the option to “burn after reading,” or “delete messages older than 1 week,” ensures that the data is completely erased.

Since there is no central server, users can perform peer-to-peer instant messaging through identities (such as addresses) on the chain, which is faster and more secure.

The user profile option supports cross-chain addresses to authenticate an individual’s identity. This makes it easy for users to consolidate multiple addresses of different blockchains under one identity or username. After verification is complete, the IM dApp allows verified users to know who they are chatting and transacting ETH, BTC, or NFC with.

The IM dApp can be integrated with NetFlowCoin’s personal server to encrypt and store personal information (including multi-chain aggregated identities) and permitted chat records and other data locally. Even if the mobile phone is replaced, the chat data and other saved files are guaranteed to be safe and stored on the user’s server.

An Ecosystem Primed for Growth

NetFlowCoin’s dual token model is designed by developers for developers. NFC tokens are issued on the local blockchain token system, and NFCS (“NetFlowCoin Stable”), issued under the ERC20 standard.

NFC is the only equity token in the ecology, with a total amount issuance of 2.1 billion. NFC can be rewarded by providing various decentralized services, maintaining the network, and/or enriching the ecology.

NFC can be acquired by buying or providing various services or transactions based on the system ecology, and the price of NFC is entirely determined by the market value. Through the PoVF consensus mechanism, the traffic mining model helps popular developer (and partner) applications rapidly chain-up and scale.

NFCS converts into NFC tokens, incentivizing traffic computing power.

Supported by the local blockchain, the price of NFCS is pegged to the USD. The NFCS is used as a basic communication service fee for traffic mining (and payment credentials at the business level). NFCS links the value of traffic; the value of the data said traffic carries; and the value of network services within the NetFlowCoin ecosystem.

As the NetFlowCoin ecosystem continues to evolve, the demand for new distributed apps will grow. With its unique combination of technologies, the NetFlowCoin project is the latest phase in the development of a decentralized Internet. Join NFC today, and make your mark on the open web.

To learn more about the NetFlowCoin Project and how you can build, visit For more technical specifications and information, check out the latest NetFlowCoin White Paper.