NetFlowCoin Eco-Practitioner

At present, NetFlowCoin eco-practitioners are mainly in the following four areas:

SDVN builds a side
cloud-combined pattern

With the global networking capabilities of SDVN technology, idle resources (including storage, bandwidth, calculation, etc.) from edge servers and I DC rooms are integrated into NetFlowCoin to form a “cloud plus edge” capability integration to serve consumers in need, enabling a high degree of provisioning, flexibility, reliability of shared resources across the network, enabling producers and consumers to get what they need on the edge network.

What is SDVN

SDVN (Software Defined Virtual Network) is known as Software Defined Virtual Network, which uses Technologies such as Multi code packet encryption, Multi-layered, Network Slicing, DLT, Next-Hops, and more to quickly implement Internet-based point-to-point, point-to-network, Network-to-network secure private virtual network construction, complete the reliable, high-speed, safe, mutually beneficial connection between people and things, to ensure that data can be fast, accurate and safe from the producer to reach the designated consumer.

SDVN technology has provided network technical services to more than 500 enterprises around the world for more than 10 years, long-term for China Mobile, China Merchants Bureau Group, Lenovo, Xiaomi and other well-known enterprises to provide in-depth technical service support, whether it is maturity, reliability or professionalism is very trustworthy.

NetFlowCoin’s market

Flexible networking market is the use of SDVN technology, so that users located in different locations, different environments can achieve free connectivity and data interaction, so as to solve the real life cross-regional network access capacity, network access speed, data communication security and other issues, to help all kinds of users complete DAPP, business, application of the real landing, and as a basis for data can be reliably completed the embodiment of mobile value.

The digital asset market is primarily about matching supply and demand and transforming intangible digital assets into tangible value. Users with data services can contribute their bandwidth and digital assets to users with corresponding needs, consumers pay NB for digital services that act as traffic, and producers benefit from NetFlowCoin. Through the certification economy, the NetFlowCoin project has inspired more producers to contribute their idle bandwidth and their own digital assets, to provide efficient services through a fully recidivated edge network, and to ensure that the value of digital assets is not controlled by a centralized architecture and that data privacy is effectively protected. In the era of the Internet of Everything, global data is growing, and the medium that activates data is the network, so network traffic as the most important value circulation channel, it has its own corresponding value.