NetFlowCoin: Beyond our imagination

NetFlowCoin: Beyond our imaginations

When we look toward the future of the internet, we imagine a world interconnected with one another, without the need for centralized intermediaries that is entirely governed and run by the people. 


Numerous individuals who are in the blockchain, and crypto space, are somewhat blinded by what the technology can truly offer. It’s not to say that decentralized finance (de-fi) is an interesting adaptation of how the current internet can be utilized, but it’s only a small aspect of where the industry is heading.


When we consider everything that’s been discussed over the last few years, it’s become clear that web 3.0 can offer a haven for individuals to store and share their data at will. This very basic concept, however complex to build, is the underlying basis of unlocking the next digital age of mankind’s evolution. 


How the future internet will look using blockchain technology

To achieve a web 3.0 architecture, one that fulfills all the speculative comments currently circulating the industry, we’ll need to place NetFlowCoin’s, or a similar network, at the center of this new internet. By doing so, users will have the freedom to store any and all data about them across an interconnected internet that’s only accessible by that one individual. 


If we dive deeper into this concept that all of our data will one day be owned and controlled by us, we can begin doing extraordinary things. This new internet architecture will affect almost every industry, as, data collection and storing will no longer be a burden but rather a desire due to users taking back complete ownership and enabling their livelihoods to be streamed in return for more mature, customized services. 


For example, if we created a world that was full of different types of sensory systems, and the software within these sensors is designed to recognize every individual no matter where they are, and all the data gathered about this individual will automatically be stored onto their personalized blockchains, then, in theory, we can design applications and algorithms to determine ways to make each individual’s life more convenient.


A system that can utilize, monitor, and predict a person’s daily habits could be used to create a world without boundaries, a world that completely alleviates menial day-to-day tasks such as calling a car, not knowing what to eat, news updates, etc… this could all become automatic as the system will be able to read and analyze a person’s data in a way that knows exactly what the individual needs. 


Of course, we are far from making this idea a reality; however, the foundation for this world to be built upon is on its way, and NetFlowCoin is one of the only networks across the globe that has the potential to make this concept a reality. Time will tell, but the underlying message is that the technology behind cryptocurrencies is more than it seems and will propel us into the future that will one day be powered by NetFlowCoin.  


Why NetFlowCoin is important for the future internet

Why NetFlowCoin is important for the future internet?

We live in a data-driven society that is constantly expanding beyond its means to support the vast amount of newly connected devices, services, and information. By which a new architecture must be introduced to bring together a community of people who can contribute to this significant expansion.


If we look at the current internet’s architecture, all the data and information is stored and controlled by a handful of large corporations. Their capacity to accommodate this fast-growing world is also under pressure, meaning many bits of information and data will be lost. 


To combat this, we must adapt to a new way of data collection and storing that also protects a user’s data in a way that companies have been unsuccessful in. The next internet commonly referred to as web 3.0, maybe the necessary solution needed to fulfill these points.


The sheer mass of connected devices today is staggering, and the majority of these devices have some type of storage & internet capability, which means billions of devices could become independent storage centers that can act as micro server centers hosting numerous of people’s information, data, and applications in a decentralized/distributed network.


However, the current [blockchain] industry has not evolved far enough for this to be a reality, but, in the future, this is the ideal place we want to get to in order to take back complete ownership over our data. There are multiple blockchain projects working on this, but NetFlowCoin’s technology is, more than likely, the most advanced.


The future, powered by NetFlowCoin

With the rise of web 3.0, many people misunderstand what actually needs to be done for it to become a massively adopted industry, and that’s the foundation. Yes, transactions can already be made via the Bitcoin network, completely decentralized, but web 3.0 is not there yet.


If we compare web 3.0 to web 2.0, the difference that many people are discussing is that all of a user’s data is owned by them and no one else, meaning your personal data will not be seen or collected by any intermediaries. 


In comparison, web 2.0 is a collection of data & information stored on centralized servers; for users to gain access to that information, we must submit a request via a protocol that grants us access. This is the very basics of the internet we see today. 


If we are to achieve a web 3.0 alternative, then there must be an abundance of accessible data and a protocol to connect us to it, but with the added feature that all the information being accessed is decentralized and completely peer-to-peer, something that only a handful of people in the world can develop.


This is where NetFlowCoin’s network becomes very interesting, as the NetFlowCoin ecosystem has been designed to facilitate this next generational internet emulating all the key features discussed above. 


Within the NetFlowCoin network, users will have the freedom to share, store, stream, and communicate with zero restrictions or breaches of privacy by third-party intermediaries. In addition, whether someone is a user, developer, investor, or miner, they’ll be incentivized by the network, creating a closed-loop economic digital structure that numerous projects have failed to do. 


NetFlowCoin: How does it compare to all others?

NetFlowCoin: How does it compare to all others?

There are numerous crypto and blockchain projects on the market today, seemingly all attempting to solve a specific problem within their respective spaces, although, there are multiple projects who have a “I just want to join in” mentality, leading their projects to have no technological edge.


Web 3.0 can only be described as an evolutionary stage of the current internet architecture, whereby, projects are restructuring the way we interact and communicate online, with similarities to that of what we see in today’s current internet architecture.


Although there are multiple projects today, the majority of them seem to be missing the point of what the industry is about. It is great to have numerous layer two applications deployed and accessible, but, the foundational layer to support a web 3.0 architecture still seems to be lagging behind. This is where NetFlowCoin comes in.


Unlocking the world of decentralized/distributed communication

If we think about the internet today, it is comprised of a lot of data and information stored in central locations, and a protocol that enables us, the users, to access that stored information. This is ultimately all web 2.0 is, and we are now moving toward a decentralized/distributed architecture, whereby all this data and information is stored across multiple locations, controlled by no single entity, but instead the vast majority of people.


However, unlike the web 2.0 architecture, there isn’t any foundational layered technology that is able to offer a similar experience to what we use today. Yes, we can look toward projects such as FileCoin’s IPFS protocol, but even still that technology has large amounts of limitations and can only offer decentralized storage. Whereas, NetFlowCoin’s network has no limitations on storage capacity and offers a wide range of unique features such as streaming, sharing, and communicating.


The NetFlowCoin network acts as an almost replicated version of the current internet architecture, but is instead, designed for complete peer-to-peer communications. Meaning, that NetFlowCoin’s technology is vastly more powerful, sustainable, and reliable to be the foundational layer that can support the entire web 3.0 expansion.


Many people are unaware on how the internet actually works, but, we all agree that the internet is comprised of multiple layers, by which, there’s a foundational layer, this is the core of an internet’s infrastructure that enables data to be transferred, then there is the storage element, that enables information and data to be hosted, and finally there’s an applicational layer that enables us to interact with the internet.


NetFlowCoin is the infrastructure and the storage aspect of web 3.0’s internet framework. Something that the rest of the industry has been unsuccessful in developing. The vision of NetFlowCoin is to become the underlying technology that will support the entire industry.


NetFlowCoin in the metaversal world

NetFlowCoin in the metaversal world

One of the most influential industries that will emerge over the next few decades will be the metaverse. There is no question that this is where the world is heading and with it, a whole new way of interacting with others from anywhere in the world.


The concept of a metaverse is truly remarkable, and there are numerous companies working on bringing it to life. However, the metaverse can be both centralized and decentralized, and so, throughout this article, we will be referring to the decentralized metaverse.


For understanding, the metaverse will be a digital ‘universe’ that enables users to enter it without limitations on location. The metaverse can only be described as something from a science fiction film, whereby many industries and services will be worked upon via the metaversal world.


We are currently in the very early stages of seeing mass adoption for a metaversal world, although there is a lot of development that needs to be done. The main focal points would be the infrastructure and usability; this is how NetFlowCoin can support.  


A world without boundaries

If we imagine a world, where we can attend meetings, give speeches, and work directly with a team from anywhere in the world, without the physical limitations of being present; this is precisely one of the key features the metaverse can bring us. It will completely remove the boundaries that have made remote working almost impossible.


However, the metaverse, like the current web 2.0 internet, needs physical infrastructure such as internet connectivity and servers to host and process this digital world, and all the information flowing through the metaverse needs to be connected via a communications protocol.


NetFlowCoin’s network is the perfect solution to accommodate a decentralized/distributed metaversal world. One that wouldn’t be confined by the internet restrictions placed above it, enabling anyone from anywhere in the world to simply connect and communicate.


The NetFlowCoin network is primarily a storage and data enabler that can connect any device across the planet into a peer-to-peer network, removing any intermediaries from accessing or blocking the flow of information.  


Applying this theory beyond the working limitations and applying it to a whole spectrum of industries, the sheer potential of a network like this is limitless. For example, decentralized gaming companies can deploy an ever-growing land that enables users to constantly explore or a social interaction portal that allows people to communicate freely with complete privacy.


How will the NetFlowCoin network support the metaverse?

Like everything in the digital world, we communicate using data, the most attractive prospect of a decentralized/distributed metaverse will be privacy and ownership. By using the NetFlowCoin network, users will have both along with the added functionality that users can earn rewards through the process.


If a user hosts a part of this decentralized/distributed metaversal world on an NFC-ready mining device, they will become community supporters, by which, they can earn NetFlowCoins over time. In essence, the more data users generate over the NetFlowCoin network the more they will earn.


The system creates a win-win ecosystem for everyone, allowing them to control the next generation of the internet. The metaverse will be a technological advancement that will affect generations to come, and it will be powered by NetFlowCoin.