NetFlowCoin is a decentralized storage, bandwidth, and edge computing network

Stream, Store, Share, and Communicate from anyone, with anyone across the globe using NetFlowCoin.

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How does NetFlowCoin work?

SDVN + blockchain

NetFlowCoin acts as a virtual peer-to-peer network, allowing users to share, store, and stream data from anyone, with anyone, anywhere across the globe. 

Contributors to the network are rewarded in NetFlowCoins.

Key features

The sheer power of NetFlowCoin’s technology

Decentralized Storage

By using the NetFlowCoin network users can purchase decentralized storage space anywhere around the world.

Increased Bandwidth Speeds

As a user you’re able to purchase extra bandwidth through the NetFlowCoin ecosystem, drastically increasing internet speeds.

Sharing & Streaming

Users can use NetFlowCoin as a direct P2P communications network, or simply stream media content shared by other nodes in the network.


Private Decentralized Messaging

Digital Assets

Cryptocurrency Token Economy

Enterprise Software

SDK For Building Solutions


Content Distribution Network


Global Virtual Private Network


Decentralized Application Hosting

Global Content Distribution Network
Global Virtual Private Network
Decentralized Application Hosting
Digital Assets
Cryptocurrency Token Economy
Private Decentralized Messaging
Enterprise Software
SDK For Building Solutions

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Our roadmap

From the beginning to an ongoing development cycle

Q4 2019
Whitepaper Published

NFC protocol research Economic model Consensus study

Q1 2020
Consensus design

The Consensus is designed and development of the SDN/SDVN interface protocol complete

Q2 2020
Protocol written

Protocol written and the traffic on-chain development code completed

Q4 2020
Auxiliary product

Auxiliary product development Traffic on-chain development completed the testing

Q1 2021
Launch of testnet

Launch of testnet DPOS consensus algorithm Cryptoeconomic model Protocol security launched

Q3 2021
Economic model optimized

Economic model optimization for the PoS & PoF consensus algorithm. Overall updated infrastructure

Q4 2021
Mainnet Launched

Our mainnet was launched and hosted 100 private miners

Q4 2021
Sailing race began

Sailing Race (DEC) Mainnet launched open block mining function based on PoS protocol

Q1 2022
Rocket race began

Rocket Race (JAN) Opening the bandwidth mining function based on the PoF protocol

Q2 2022
Space race begins

Space Race (APR) Open the traffic mining function based on the PoF protocol

Q2 2022
Meta release

META (JUN) It represents the initial implementation of NetFlowCoin's vision, and it is also the symbol of the completion of the preparation stage of NetFlowCoin's metaverse creation and energy storage.

Q3 2022
Ecosystem unlocked

NetFlowCoin opens their network publicly so that miners can begin joining the network and mine NetFlowCoins

Q4 2022
Constant expansion

Continue to expand the mining network while launching ambassador/incentive programs across the globe

Q2 2023
Mega launch

Upon expanding the miners, users, and investor communities, NetFlowCoin will move onto listing on the top 5 major exchanges

Q3 2023 Onward
Constant expansion

The NetFlowCoin Foundation will continually expand the communities, and build out a solution that benefits everyone | The future is here, brought to you by NetFlowCoin 

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